Who is New Horizon Insurance Group (NHIG) ?

site de rencontre dans le 37 A group of ten NC independent agencies whose goal is to form deeper relationships with carriers and increase agency revenues.

Why would an independent agency join NHIG ?

  • To gain access to our carrier partners **
  • To increase revenue
  • Have Access to AMS 360 at significant reduction in cost
  • Accounting Service at a discounted rate
  • Gain partners as a resource for solutions to agency issues (has become the #1 value)

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Who are our carrier partners?

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How does NHIG meet these goals for members?

asthalin syrup price Create and realize incentives (in 2013 $400,000) not including base commissions. Because of increased volume with Partner Carriers, larger, potential Profit Sharing. Regardless of any one members results, all members will receive Profit Sharing. How NHIG distributes revenue that is not base commissions: All revenue beside base commissions (we call it Enhanced Revenue) is shared by every member based on a simple formula. If we go further in this process I will explain this formula. This formula is also used to pay NHIG expenses.

What is the cost to members?

The entry fee varies depends on the contribution your agency brings to the NHIG. Thus, the entry fee can vary and is negotiated.”] ** Appointments are confirmed before joining the group. There is no penalty for leaving the group.

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